Hey ! Got something published ! \o/

Hello everyone !

I write this little post not to tell you about some new work, but instead to tell you that today, your humble blogger got something interesting published in a website that he doesn’t own. Said website is OSnews, a computer news website that I’m quite addicted to, mostly because content is abundant, covers a lot of topics, is generally interesting, and because there is an excellent atmosphere in the comments (except maybe on some obvious trolling topics like Apple, Linux and H.264 video).

So well, the post is here : http://www.osnews.com/story/23237/Is_General-Purpose_Personal_Computing_Doomed_

It’s about the potential influence of the trends toward touchscreens and cloud computing on desktop computers. Hope you’ll enjoy the show, and many thanks to Kroc Camen and Thom Holwerda for taking time to improve my non-native English before publishing it ;) Guys, you’re great !

2 thoughts on “Hey ! Got something published ! \o/

  1. Wannes May 31, 2010 / 9:35 pm

    Since you are building you’re own os now, have you seen the article from Kroc on his own website? It’s http://camendesign.com/krocos. I’m wondering if this is something you’ve envisioned of a user-friendly os? I know this level of implementation is still very far away, if even reachable, but i’d like to know your thoughts on it.

    Keep up the good work, it’s inspiring :)


  2. Hadrien May 31, 2010 / 10:31 pm

    Why not ? I probably won’t go to something *that* extreme (because I think that sometimes, the “file” metaphor is just too much of a pain), but I do have some interesting filesystem- and file manipulation related plans, including automatically generating and updating a filesystem hierarchy that’s more intelligent than C:/ D:/ or /usr /etc.

    E.g. :
    -All applications should be jailed in a private folder, for security reasons. However, what about user data ? It should be stored in the application’s private folder, so that the application may access it. But it should be stored in the user’s folder, too, in order to ease things like backup. This result could easily be achieved, provided that the additional cost to the file system handling calls is not too much for everyday desktop use.
    -Many people are a fan of big library-centric music players. I personally heavily dislike this approach, preferring light media players together with a good file hierarchy. What I would like would be a “Music” folder in my home folder or on my desktop (as I like it), which contains all the music files that I moved somewhere in my hard drive, sorted by filename or id-Tag depending on what’s available.

    These are just some examples of what I’d like to do. I need some performance testing to know what is reasonably possible and what isn’t, but I think that the filesystem is something that can be made much, much tidier and easier to use.

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