Think different

Funny how times passes… I recently stumbled upon a neat TV spot from a little company with a colorful apple-shaped logo :

Apparently, this company targeted artists, scientists, and more generally creative people with its products. I suppose that those were innovative, and open to unusual uses in order to enhance the user’s creativity. The brand probably did not used all of the usual anticompetitive practices we see nowadays, in order to avoid getting hated by its customers for obscurantism and lack of real interest in creativity.

I wonder what this brand has become nowadays. It probably went down after enduring a lawsuit from Apple because of the similar logo shape…

(Apart from sending silly jokes from my work computer, I actually managed to do some OS work yesterday. The code cleanup is now complete ;))


One thought on “Think different

  1. Amenel July 22, 2010 / 12:54 am

    Actually, I think they cannibalized themselves and turned into a fossil thought deeply buried in subconscious of the behemoth Apple has become…

    But hey, I came here to let you know that I’ve opened a blog here on wordpress ( I’d love to have you among the followers. So stop by whenever you can. See you.

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