Theming and tidying things up in the blog

As some of you might have noticed, there’s a new theme on this blog. I’ve always found that the old one was a bit too shiny and amateurish (especially with its bad font positioning on the titlebar), but I did not find one which fit my taste in WordPress’ collection. Now, I’m trying this one, which looks good (although a bit too round =)) and is far less visually distracting.

At the same time, since this theme now shows post categories, I decided that having all posts “uncategorized” looked a bit bad, so I separated clean, “design doc” posts from other posts which are more opinion-oriented. Some posts (case studies) belong to both, because they are both opinion-oriented AND a design doc. This will make locating information easier, I hope.

Any question ?


2 thoughts on “Theming and tidying things up in the blog

  1. Amenel June 27, 2010 / 9:54 am

    The only downside I found in the previsous theme is the narrow text column, making the page uselessly long with large empty column spaces at the left and right of the text column. At the same time, these days, most screens are widescreens (or put differently, 16:9 – 16:10 have become the standard, which I don’t like but that’s another story).

    I hope the name won’t remain toolbOS, anything is better, no matter the pun or word play… What were the previous names you came up with?

  2. Hadrien June 27, 2010 / 11:18 am

    The advantage of narrow columns is that it eases reading by reducing eye movement. Widescreens exactly go against this tendency, they’re made to make watching movies or playing name more immersive, but not for reading. This is sad, because it worsens an already bad reading experience… But oh, well, who needs *that* to read tweets, isn’t it ? ^^’

    About ToolbOS, I previously tried various word plays around the O ans S letters in an ubuntu-esque fashion (Opossum Slayer, Obnoxious Scons…), along with random names like “Spocky”, but that didn’t sound too well either. The advantage of “ToolbOS” as a codename is that, unlike things like “The OS-periment project’s software distribution”, it is small and easy enough on the tongue to be easily remembered and used in a conversation. However, I don’t see it as a definitive name either. As someone said on OSdev, putting “OS” in a name sounds bot amateurish for technical people and technical for non-technical people so it should be avoided.

    Well, I renamed the category “OS development”, as it will make name changes easier.

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