Faster ! Faster, dammit !

“Come on ! It’s monday and still nothing ! Last weekend was already deceptive, but now it’s even worse !”

My thought exactly about my current speed in the OS development area.

I started writing this blog in January, and  if I remember well I had a working coding setup by the beginning of April. At the end of June, the kernel was loaded properly. Summer holidays were a great occasion of polishing the code and writing kernel-level debugging features, along with setting up the website. And now, since about 2 months, I’m still struggling with getting simple memory management code done ? That’s really annoying. I should have done that a thousand times already ! I’ve lot of things to do in the security and UI part, so the sooner I begin work on them the better !

Look at those guys at Notion Ink :  they manage to post interesting things more than twice a week *and* to go fast while doing so !

Actually, I think I have an excuse for my snail-carrying-a-pentium-II pace, though : time having about the same availability as oil for me currently (french private joke around). To sum it up : I thought getting back to school would give me more spare time, in fact it’s rather the contrary.

  • This year, I’ve decided to travel by bike from home to university (distance : 15km/45min). There are various reasons for this, including the need to perform some form of physical exercise and a natural tendency to be late (bike has much more predictable travel delays than train. If I miss a single train, I can lose about 15 minutes in the way). Another benefit is that, believe it or not, it’s the fastest mean of transportation I have at hand (bike is 45+/-7min while public transportation is 60+/-15 min). But all this comes with a cost : 150km/week of bike is a bit tiring. When I finally get home, I’m completely out of any intellectual exercise for a few hours. Including OS development. So there’s more or less only the week-end left…
  • But week-ends are currently scarce resources too ! Mid-semester exams are closing, so I should have a look at my courses. Moreover, I’m planning an internship abroad, and as exciting as it looks it also comes with some deadlines to meet with the international relationship department and a lot of thought time spent writing CVs and motivation letters. Oh, and other nice aspects of my life want occasionally a half of my week-ends too… <3

So well… I suppose this is all going to pass someday, isn’t it ? At least, I have some short holidays coming in a week or two which could have some use. The international matters should slow down, for better or worse, by the end of November. And maybe I’ll manage to sleep more and do something else than “mental noise” on my spare time during the week ?

Only time will tell, but at the moment yeah things are moving slow in the OSdeving area. And it sucks, big-time.


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