Virtual memory complete

Well, today I finally written and checked the last LOC of my virtual memory management code. According to early test results, it seems to work. I’m going to do more in-depth testing of the thing now, and if it continues to apparently work, it’ll be time to move on and write memory allocators !

I’m really excited to be finally done with this. Memory allocation is (along with interrupt management and multiprocessor management) one of the three milestones that must be reached before serious work on processes begins. And now, it seems that I could expect having it done by the end of the year !*

Here’s a quick reminder of what’s coming next :

  • Memory allocation/liberation (at kernel level)
  • Polish existing code by adding some functionality which required memory allocation to work.
  • Interrupt management
  • Direct applications of interrupt management (timing, debug keyboard input)
  • Multiprocessor support
  • User-space, scheduling, processes in general

* This is not, by any mean, an official deadline or announcement.

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