Virtual memory testing complete

Well, this was a productive week-end as far as OS development is concerned !

Aside from the previous design post, I could also complete the testing I wanted to do on the virtual memory code. Now, the think passes all the silly tests I can think of, so everything seems to work. I even discovered a few nasty uninitialized pointers left in the physical memory management code, which the compiler didn’t manage to detect. No idea how those managed to survive for such a long time, but I suppose that Bochs’ tendency to fill the memory of the emulated PC with zeros at boot time has a role to play here.

Now, well, there’s a few tracks I want to follow in the short run :

  • Memory allocators !!! Oh, please, finally !
  • Writing proper doc for the physical and memory managers, as the old one is getting outdated and is horribly lacking to begin with. I’ll try to work on that tonight.
  • Updating old code to the new code quality standards whenever I can (I’ve struggled today with a function including 4 nested for loops. Trying to separate it in several sub-functions only resulted in 15-parameters abominations being created. After some juggling, I’ve decided to leave it as is for the moment)

2 thoughts on “Virtual memory testing complete

  1. Amenel December 5, 2010 / 9:33 pm

    What happened to the “enlarge your traffic” post? I received a notification two days ago but apparently, it can’t be found.

  2. Hadrien December 5, 2010 / 9:44 pm

    Well, it was released a bit too quickly ;) After looking at it twice, I realized that it was not really good material for this blog, so I nuked it.

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