Happy birthday, OS-periment !

Wow, it’s been a year already since I started this ? I suppose that some kind of celebration is needed, so in partnership with Apple, I’ve designed a nice ad which you can put everywhere in the street to celebrate this event.

It's here. The new OSperiment. Twice the awesomeness. Still for free.
Caution : words and pictures can make things look bigger than they actually are...

Joking aside, let’s sum up what has happened this year :

  • I have decided to start this project because reading Andy Tanenbaum’s Modern Operating Systems had enlightened me regarding the awesomeness of operating system development, and because I have something against nearly every desktop operating system which I have ever tried in my life.
  • Following the rough roadmap I had set in my first public post, I have written some blog posts on past desktop operating systems and computer history, in order to help me understand better why I don’t like them and what makes a good desktop operating system.
  • Then I have stated the core goals of this desktop operating system project. Explained in which ways I wanted to make a good operating system for personal computers.
  • Then I have started more in-depth design with the very beginning : designing the micro-kernel. What services did it have to provide ? In which way ?
  • Then I started implementation of said kernel. First by getting it to boot, then by implementing some proper debugging setup. On top of that work. I was then able to build the first “actual”, long-lasting system service : a memory manager.
  • And here I am, in the process of testing an polishing said memory manager till it shines enough to blind an unprotected eye in half of a second.

After this abstract of the last year, let’s try to tentatively draw a schedule for the next year :

  • Pursue work on the micro-kernel. I would like it to be finished for the next anniversary of the project, if possible, though it is maybe a bit of a bold announcement.
  • Continue to improve the doc on the project’s Trac. Document everything in a concise yet precise way.
  • And, of course, try to find some interesting material on desktop/mobile OSs to post here and at OSnews, in order to prepare the next steps of the project by improving my understanding of what a perfect personal computer OS should be.

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday, OS-periment !

  1. Wannes January 10, 2011 / 8:39 pm

    Happy birthday OS-periment!

    It certainly doesn’t look like one year. I found your blog after an article on OSnews, and I got hooked to hearing about you endeavour. I’m looking forward to the future, when will it start walking? What will be it first words? :)

    Most luck Hadrien,

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