What I’ve been working on recently…

So, around December, I mentioned that I was busy working on a smaller-scale Qt project. As it turns out, it is now ready for public distribution, and so I can introduce you to my latest baby, Hashish.

The way the Internet works forces us to create accounts on websites all the time. Ideally, from a security point of view, we should find a new password for each of these services we subscribe to. But in practice, without machine assistance, this is insane. So I have written a small piece of Qt software which allows unique service passwords to be generated from service names and a master password. It’s made to be easy to understand and extremely fast to use, something which you bind to a keyboard shortcut or quicklaunch button and use everyday without thinking about it.

Hope you will like it !


4 thoughts on “What I’ve been working on recently…

  1. Amenel January 23, 2012 / 9:36 pm

    That’s a great idea you’ve had there!

  2. Hadrien January 26, 2012 / 6:49 pm

    Thanks ! Credit about the initial idea goes to my brother though, and then the cryptographic theory was mostly done by Alfman…

  3. Alfman February 27, 2012 / 4:56 am

    I’m sure you would have figured something out, but I wonder how it would have been different?
    Anyways, it is fun and I wouldn’t mind getting more involved with more technical projects to exercise the brain, it’s surprising how quickly one can forget things.

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