Your broadcast will resume shortly…

As you may have noticed, development and posting are going more slowly than usual around here, and I need more “filler” blog posts than the norm to keep the place alive. That is because I am in one of these important parts of my life where I have little spare time to dedicate to my hobbies, including this OS.

Long short story : I am now reaching the end of my Master’s internship, and have decided that in September, I will either be a PhD student in the lab I’m working on, or a Master’s student for one more year. I would largely prefer the former option, and for that I need to win a special kind of research grant, which will fund my salary for the next three years. So I am now preparing all the awesome material that I shall show to the powers that be in June, in an attempt to convince them to give me the money that I need.

So, apologies and all that. Things should improve somewhere around July, when I will be waiting for answers and looking for a new flat.

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