I’m finally back !

It’s been a busy month. Let’s sum it up before going back to more serious blogging subjects !

I’ve moved to a new flat, which gives me quite a bit more space to breathe for the same rent as the previous one, and is at the same time closer to my favourite districts of Grenoble. As you may have guessed, there is a downside to this : unlike the previous one, which literally came inclusive of everything and the kitchen sink, this flat was pretty much bare-bones, and it was up to me to find such useful assets as a bed, a pair of chairs, and a desk. And drive them home. There are few activities in this world which I despise more than driving a car, and it gets worse when said car is huge and dramatically lacks windows.

Then I also had to move my old stuff through a broken public transportation system (summer roadworks on the tram network !) and clean up the old flat until it literally looked better than when I arrived. Which is no small achievement when one has little cleaning equipment at hand and not much knowledge of how extra gear should have been used anyway. Dish soap, hot water and a sponge is sure enough for weekly cleaning, but when it came to cleaning moisture-induced dark spots on rendered walls and eliminating palaeolithic samples of encrusted dirt from a worn lino floor, I could probably have used some more modern chemicals and tools. Oh, well, I had little time for shopping on my hands and the tenant was happy anyway, so I guess I’ll just learn how to do it right next time.

Meanwhile, as you may have guessed, laptop repairs took longer than expected, for a variety of reasons. In fact, they actually still hadn’t done it at the point where I went on holiday, so I got tired of it took my broken laptop back. In meantime, I essentially browsed the web using a cellphone, for lack of a better equipment. It was quite an interesting experience as for what these “post-pc” devices are worth. I kept watching OSnews, a few forums which I use to chat with friends, but had to cut on comments and give up on any kind of complex activity such as blogging, OSdeving or reading webcomics, since it was just too awkward and time-consuming. On the plus side, cellphones do make it easier to do quick fact checking on the web while on the go. And I have to give it to French mobile operators, they have done a good job at bringing EDGE connectivity everywhere. Which sadly feels like browsing the web through a 56K modem, only less reliable and much cheaper. Too bad that they have zero incentives to make 3G and 4G networks nearly as ubiquitous and cheap to use.

Anyway, now I have my laptop back and spare time on my hands… And still have to rely on that EDGE internet connection of my cellphone, whether I like it or not, because there’s no other way to connect to the internet at home here. But that doesn’t matter. Thanks to my beloved big screen, I can do what I’ve been wanting to do for months : blogging and writing OS code :) That awful cellphone internet connection is enough for that, it will just feel like old times. I could even use it as a worst-case test scenario if this OS gains internet connectivity one day… But I digress. For now, back to writing !

Welcome back, readers, I’ve been missing you, and I come back with a lot of things to discuss…


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