A small filler

Hi everyone !

I have been a bit busy lately. Not as much busy OSdeving as I’d like, though, more like busy starting a PhD, addressing the remaining issues with my new flat, telling various organisms that I should now be considered as a paid worker from an administrative point of view, changing my sleep schedule in a direction that’s supposed to be more efficient in the long run but killing me in the short run… that kind of boring but necessary thing with no far-reaching implication.

So, for now, all I can tell you on this blog is that I’ve managed to do something special with GRUB 2 recently, that I still have a lot of stuff involving makefiles, bootloaders and source trees to work on, and that I should fairly soon (perhaps 2 weeks would be enough) be able to finish the bootloader part and publish an update on it.

Stay tuned !


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