Random logo ideas

I haven’t had the time to write much here for a bit more than a week and the situation is unlikely to resolve itself before next week. Since I still have enough time to write a filler this morning, here are some silly ideas which I’ve been playing with on my bike while trying to wonder what this project’s logo could be…

The lazy and straightforward one

Don’t you think that the “OS|periment” text sounds beautiful? How about just writing it in a big sans serif font and be done with that? Let’s also put a small visual an effect on the “the” too, while I’m at it so as to pretend that I actually spent hours thinking this through.

It actually doesn’t look that bad, though I’d probably need to write it in Helvetica and render it on OS X if I don’t want all graphic designers that pass by to spit on this :)

The private joke

At the opposite of the previous logo, which is purely an exercise in turning language into graphics, I could use something more abstract… or at least looking so, with a little easter egg waiting for those that pay attention.

In case you’re wondering, this is the Japanese character for “cat” put into a box. Because Schroedinger’s cat is a world-wide symbol for mad science, and only ideograms will let you put an easter egg into a picture.

The familiar logo

But perhaps potential users of this project would be frightened by my “reinvent the world” approach and would need to be reassured by some graphical element which they are familiar with. Then we need something that looks and feel familiar to reassure them…

Colors, layout, impossible lighting effects, unscalability to small image sizes, overall ugliness… Yup, I think that this is good to go :)

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