TOSP-wide plans, part 4: Beyond just code

I think it’s time to conclude upon this first project-wide, coarse-grained overview of what the TOSP project aims to achieve. This last post will go beyond TOSP itself as a software project, however and offer a quick discussion of what would have to be built around it: resources for users and developers, decentralized software and update storage, and so on.

In the end, there will need to be a proper website for TOSP users.

  • It should provide prospective users, or their tech support if they need it, with information about what TOSP is and how it can help them
    • There should be enough technical information for geeks, but it should be presented in a fashion that does not confuse non-technical users
    • Apple are pretty good at this, their example should be studied
  • It should provide learning and troubleshooting resources to users
    • Ubuntu has done a great job building a multilingual community of users that help each other, their example should be studied
    • Forums and user wikis tend to work pretty great there, while IRC channels and blog posts are more of a mixed bag
  • It should provide or link to information about the project’s evolution
    • I am not convinced that the rolling release model which I envision calls for user-readable project-wide release notes
    • However, technical breakthrough such as support for a new class of hardware should be properly highlighted
  • It should link to developer resources and highlight third-party achievements
    • Giving developer work some spotlight gives their work some visibility and showcases the role of the community in TOSP’s success or failure
    • The scenario in which a regular user decides that’s it’s time for him to master the machine should also be optimized for
  • Overall, it should act as a hub of quality TOSP resources across the web
    • Things that could be linked to include websites in other languages, TOSP pages on general computer websites…
  • Finally, some fast online storage will be needed for TOSP releases, updates, and for officially supported third-party packages

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