Been away so long I hardly knew the place

About a year ago, in the middle of a major motivational and methodological crisis, I decided that I could not pursue this project correctly anymore. Shortly thereafter, divine punishement struck by pushing a loved one away from me. Lesson learned: never stop an OSdeving project, it can ruin your life!

Then a year passed, full of crazy events like going to Japan, writing a message-based RPC system in Igor Pro (try it, it’s fun!), feeling my mood rollercoaster oscillating between bad and worse, slowly pushing my PhD project forward, deciding that I want to be a software engineer rather than a teacher or researcher long-term, investigating how to sell or open-source the code I made during my PhD, learning many enlightening stuff about Information Security and the way computer networks work, stopped studying Japanese in favor of learning to sing…

In the middle of all this craziness, one thing persisted, though. Periodically thinking about this project. Wondering if I made the right choice by stopping it, if I could start it again, what I would change with the software expertise I gained, what I would keep the same…

Today, with enough content for 16 blog posts in my OSdeving ideas buffer, I decided that it’s time to try to resume blogging. I don’t know yet if I’ll go back to coding, or will remain on the drawing board side. All I know is, I have stuff to write about, maybe stuff to code too, and I’m tired of keeping it all to myself. And I feel ready to try this again.

Expect the first few posts to have a bit of a déjà-vu feeling, with a new spin to it. I have decided to revisit a couple of design decisions which I have made consciously or unconsciously in TOSP history, according to lessons I have since learned about software design and implementation. I also want to discuss the flaws of existing desktop operating systems and the rationale for building a new one a bit more than before, partly because it makes for good motivation, and partly because I also find it fun.

So without much ado… Let’s get back to this! In the beginning, I aim for weekly posting, as a first goal, so see you next thursday.


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