<Note from 11/2014 : There are quite a couple of broken windows pending review in here. If I resume implementation, these web pages will need some significant proofreading.>

You are currently on the OS-periment’s main development blog, which is the best place to learn about everyday development and design thoughts. But the project is also active elsewhere on the web ! In particular, you might want to check…

  • – Our GitHub project page. Not a huge amount of content around here at the moment, but is scheduled to play a bigger role in the future, once the project starts to produce results that are usable by someone else than its developers.
  • – The project’s wiki on GitHub. Contains carefully-crafted documentation about the project that has required hours of work.
  • – Our page on Ohloh. Set up as an experiment, but provides lots of interesting features, including a visualization of source code activity as a function of time and various way to learn more about project developers and users who choose to subscribe.

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